Vortrag  |  The European Union and the Covid 19 Pandemic

The European Union we know today emerged from the continental destruction of World War II. Since then, the E.U. has evolved, step by step, member state by member state, treaty by treaty into a legal framework in which specific core values, common visions and ideas are espoused among its member states.

"Are we really united in diversity and do we hold our values that high, that any crisis couldn`t divide us? What is our common vision of todays European Union?"

This online workshop of the Goethe Institut USA with workshop presenters Caroline Heil and Bettina Schmitt joining from Berlin discussed and questioned how resilient the idea of the EU is when it comes to a crisis and a global pandemic. The discussion focused the legal framework of the Lisbon treaty as the political decisions taken on the summit of the European Council July 17th to 21st 2020.